March 26, 2017

Choosing a Domain Name

This is part 2 in my series of how to improve your search engine rankings. Because I endeavor to provide an all-inclusive guide, I will be starting from the very beginning, and today’s part of this series is on choosing the proper domain name for your internet business.

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Keyword Targeting with Domain Names

While this would probably be fitting for my series about improving your search engine rankings, it’s a bit out of order. In any case, something that many, many website owners overlook when they are trying to improve their search engine rankings is the power that redirecting keyword-focused domain names have for their website.

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Keyword Density and Private Label Rights Articles

I’ve been seeing quite a few websites offering private label articles with proper keyword density (the most commonly accepted percentages, between 2% and 4% for the keyword or phrase). Now, I thought it was a good idea at first. . . but when I really thought about it I had a different opinion.

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