March 26, 2017

Writing Experiment Update

This experiment has grown stale, and that’s in part because of my frustration with Associated Content and because of my busy schedule running itself into the holiday season.

For these reasons I am going to change the parameters of the experiment. Namely, I am going to continue on, as I have time, writing and submitting content to these two resources for freelance writers but instead of calculating my earnings over a fixed period of time, I am going to calculate earnings on an hourly basis. As per my last post I was at $6.64 an hour, but I’ve received a bit more from Associated Content as a performance bonus, but it’s only one article with limited views… so it’s not a lot more.

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Freelance Writing Experiment

This is just a quick update as to the status of my little freelance writing experiment. Actually though, there’s not much of an update at this moment.

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Freelance Writing Experiment Update #1

Well, it’s only been a day or so since my last post about the freelance writing experiment that I have decided to undertake, and because of a comment that I received, I think I need to go into a bit more detail.

The ultimate goal of this experiment is to prove to other writers that they can, indeed, make money by creating content for Associated Content and Constant Content; now, I don’t know from first-hand experience that these two writers resources will be able to produce what I would consider a full-time income, but according to a comment posted by the president of Associated Content, there are many writers on Associated Content that make hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month.

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Associated Content and Constant Content Experiment

I’ve decided to do a little experiment with Associated Content and Constant Content; namely, I am going to see how much money can be made using these two writers resources. Now, because of my busy schedule I cannot commit to this full-time, though I will work to publish a minimum of 5 articles per week until the end of 2007.

I’ve read in the Associated Content forums that there are freelance writers who submit content to Associated Content full time, though I’m not sure how that could lead to a full-time income. Personally, I’ve used Associated Content in the past under a pen name, though I only ended up submitting about 15 articles in total to the tune of $50 or so dollars in up-front payment and a few dollars thus far from their performance bonus.

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