March 26, 2017

SEO Case Study #1:

I decided to do a little bit of a public test, though I wish that I had documented the findings sooner as the site has already risen up on Google’s first page a couple of notches.

Nonetheless, the case study is for a new article writing service that I have put together –

My target phrases for this SEO case study are as follows:

Both of these terms have around 400,000 listings in Google — not really a big obstacle here, especially considering I am already on the first page.

(yes, I am helping things along here… much more so than with the anchor text, though) Now, I fully admit — according to the keyword search volume for these two phrases, these are not phrases that you would likely want to consider wasting time on. However, as per my traffic logs on that site, with that website being only a couple of weeks old as of this writing (officially, anyway), I’ve managed to receive 8 hits, total, for these long-tail phrases on that site with when I was at #9-#11 for the two aforementioned terms. Obviously I am getting natural traffic for other terms, but I’m focusing on these two for this case study.

Plus, some people have gone to great lengths to obtain the terms “SEO article writing service” in either their primary domain name, or at least in their URL: Google results

Google allinurl for SEO article writing service

In addition to that, I just really want to outrank this website’s main competitor for the keywords that show up in their URL. If you’ll notice, I have the term ‘articles’ in my URL, but not “SEO writing service”. A fun challenge, nonetheless.

So, as of a couple of weeks ago, I was #9 for SEO article writing services, and #11 for SEO article writing service. Unfortunately, I do not have screenshots of those rankings, so we’ll just have to start with what I captured today.

Rankings as of January 21, 2009
SEO article writing service – #7


SEO article writing services – #6


I will update this page here when I notice a change in rankings — so if you want to stay up-to-date on this case study, you can subscribe to the feed

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